Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Safety Protocols To Focus On With CNC Machining

by Joann Freeman

With CNC machining, you're able to remove material from a workpiece in dynamic ways. You have automated solutions to make CNC machining even more convenient too. Just make sure you observe the following safety protocols each time you carry out this fabrication process.  

Test Emergency Stop Button Before Getting Started

Every CNC machine today should come equipped with an emergency stop button. When you press it, the machine should stop instantly to prevent you from hurting yourself severely if there are complications that happen. Before you start using a CNC machine, make sure you test out this emergency stop button.

It needs to be responsive and remain so on a consistent basis. Then if there is ever an emergency situation where you need to stop this machine's parts from moving, you know the shutoff button is right there for you to use at a moment's notice before something really bad happens.

Invest in Contact Mats

As mentioned above, your CNC machine will come with an emergency stop button. However, you can make this machine even safer when you invest in contact mats. They are designed to stop the CNC machine when contact is made with these mats. You thus can keep body parts protected if you get too close to the CNC machinery at any point. 

You'll just need to place these contact mats around the right areas near your CNC machine, as well as verify their working nature before starting a CNC machining project just like what you'll do with the emergency stop button.

Be Careful When Handling CNC Machining Blades

CNC machines are so effective at removing material from workpieces because they have really sharp, powerful blades. It's important you use extra caution when handling these blades, whether you're removing them to be inspected or setting up new blades in this machinery.

Always wear some sort of protective gloves and don't make any quick movements with the blades around your body. As long as you do this every time you hold and move CNC machining blades, they will not have the chance to cut you at any point.

If you have to customize materials with a CNC machine on a regular basis, you want to be careful with the actions you perform around this machinery. As long as you're well-versed in safety protocols, this equipment isn't going to pose a lot of risk to you or others when it's used on materials. 


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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