Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

4 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Screening Plant For Your Mining And Construction Activities

by Joann Freeman

A mobile screening plant is a machine used to sort various materials into different sizes. The equipment is common in mining and agriculture industries, road construction projects, demolition projects, recycling processes, etc. In mining and construction, it helps screen piles of stone, sand, and dirt to make the collection and production of materials easier. If you're handling a construction or mining project that requires screening, this piece is a guide on the reasons to use a mobile screening plant. 

1. Effective operation

Effectiveness is always a key consideration when choosing equipment for different activities. A mobile screening plant has various features that ensure effective operation. First, it has an optimized hydraulic system which increases productivity. Second, various decks work differently according to frequency, power, and amplitude to ensure efficiency during screening. Lastly, a flexible extended hopper lets in materials according to set sizes.

2. Easier installation and transportation

Moving traditional screening plants is always difficult because of their large sizes. That results in delays and lower productivity, especially when operating mining projects in different locations. Mobile screening plants are easier to transport and install, thus making them suitable for conducting and completing multiple screening projects in time. They are configured in trailer-like units, which eases transportation and installation. Their small size means they require less space to install. Placing them won't be a problem, regardless of the size of your working area.

3. Reduced operational costs

Mobile screening machines have various functions besides sorting materials in different sizes. They can perform tasks, such as prescreening, fine screening, and crushing. Their versatility enables you to complete different processes with one piece of equipment, saving the cost of buying machinery for each function. Additionally, conducting different functions in one site reduces operational costs due to minimal transportation requirements. 

4. Fewer licensing requirements 

To conduct activities like mining and construction, you need a wide range of licenses and permit from the municipal authorities. The most common ones relate to environmental safety and planning. Fulfilling licensing requirements takes time, and the last thing you would want is additional permit issues. Installing a full-sized screening station requires separate licensing and permits besides the regular mining permit. However, you won't have to worry when using a mobile screening plant due to their portability and small size that free you from various planning licenses. You might only need to meet basic environmental safety requirements. 


Using a mobile screening plant for your projects comes with many benefits. They're easy to install and transport, reduce operational costs and license requirements. If you have projects that need a mobile screening plant, contact an industrial supplier. 


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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