Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Advice When Using Plastic Sheeting To Cover Outdoor Equipment

by Joann Freeman

Having outdoor equipment that is expensive may make you nervous about potential damage. Fortunately, plastic sheeting exists and this material works great as a weatherproof cover. You'll just need to implement these steps when using it for this particular purpose.

Make Sure Sheeting Is Thick Enough

When you start wrapping plastic sheeting around outdoor equipment — be it a tractor or lawn mower — you want to do so knowing tearing won't happen. If it did, parts of your outdoor equipment could still be exposed and then you would have to get more materials and waste money.

That can be avoided if you just ensure the plastic sheeting is thick enough from the beginning. It needs to be thick enough that you can work with the sheeting with confidence without having to worry about tearing or punctures. Then you'll maximize the plastic sheeting supplies that you order. 

Decide Between Clear and Black

In terms of the colors that plastic sheeting comes in, you probably will want to go with either clear or black. For instance, if you want to be able to identify outdoor equipment more easily, clear sheeting might be best because you'll still be able to see the outdoor equipment that's completely wrapped up.

However, if your equipment will be exposed to the sun a lot throughout the day, then black plastic sheeting is probably better because the black will repel sunlight from the equipment and thus prevent sun damage pretty effectively.

Secure Sheeting Properly

Even if you invest in high-quality plastic sheeting to be used as outdoor equipment covers, you still need to make sure the sheets are properly secured. Otherwise, sections will start coming off and potentially expose your equipment to the elements. That's not good if you want to keep this equipment in great shape and so it will perform well for a long time.

Probably the easiest way to secure plastic sheeting to outdoor equipment is to staple sections together. This is a more permanent fastening solution and works great if you don't plan on using outdoor equipment for a while. Or, you can fold sections underneath the equipment itself to hold the sheeting in place. This is a more temporary securing method.

Plastic sheeting works well as covers for outdoor equipment. As long as you know what to order and how to get these materials into position, your outdoor equipment will be fully protected from the elements. Contact a company that sells light-duty clear plastic sheeting to learn more.


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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