Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Biological Nutrient Removal: Typical Myths Business Owners Need To Recognize

by Joann Freeman

When you operate a business that produces a significant amount of wastewater, you may be responsible for treating the water before it is returned to the environment. Biological nutrients have to be removed from the wastewater so it does not create an abundance of these nutrients in the natural environment. Even though most business owners in industries that generate wastewater know a bit about the process, there are still a lot of myths associated with biological nutrient removal. Here is a look at some of the most common myths and the real facts you should know as a business owner. 

Myth: Biologic nutrient removal can only take place with the use of chemicals. 

Even though it is true that certain chemicals can be used to remove biological waste from wastewater, there are other options beyond the use of chemical agents. For a long time, some of the most common chemicals used have been agents like methanol, ferric, or alum. But modern practices for removing biological nutrients have made way for more natural solutions to this much-needed process. For example, some modern-day wastewater treatment facilities actually rely on organic plants and plant derivatives to remove the biological nutrients from the water during treatment. 

Myth: All forms of biological nutrient removal are the same. 

Numerous types of biological nutrient removal exist, and some are quite different than others. For example, using liquid nitrogen is much different than using organic plant matter to remove biological nutrients from wastewater. While the process and outcome may look similar after treatment, what actually takes place as the removal agent goes to work can be highly unique. This is important to know because it can have direct interaction with other treatment processes. 

Myth: Biologic nutrient removal processes are the same regardless of the weather or temperatures. 

Even though many people do not know there is a difference, biologic nutrient removal can be drastically different depending on the environment, including the local weather and temperatures. The varying removal processes can take place at different rates depending on water temperature. Therefore, if you are performing a treatment in cold weather, you may have to follow a different process than you would if you were performing the task in general ambient temperatures. This is why it is best to get to know several of the removal agents in-depth so you know what products will work best in different settings. 

For more information on biological treatment removal, talk to a local expert.


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