Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

4 Reasons Use A Sand Roadbase For Your Private Access Road

by Joann Freeman

If you're going to be paving your private access road, take the time to make sure that the job gets done properly. You're investing a lot of time and money into the project, which means you want your access road to last as long as possible. Before you arrange to have the concrete poured for your access road, ensure that the contractor will be utilizing a sand roadbase. The use of sand will ensure a stronger road. If you don't think you need to include a sand roadbase, here are four reasons why you should change your mind.

Allows for Better Moisture Absorption

Once you have the soil primed and ready to go for your road, you may think that it's safe to pour the concrete. Unfortunately, that's not actually the case. Without the sand, your road won't be protected against moisture damage. In fact, as soon as the rains start to fall, your concrete will be at risk for collapse. That's because bare soil doesn't provide for adequate moisture absorption. For that, you need the addition of the sand base. The sand will allow the moisture to absorb more completely, which will protect the concrete from below.

Prevents Damage Caused by Freezing Temperatures

If you experience freezing temperatures on a regular basis, you need to include a sand base for your access road. Bare soil can't provide the protection your concrete road will need during periods of freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, once the soil begins to freeze, your concrete will suffer the consequences. To make sure that your access road is protected from damage caused by freezing temperatures, be sure that your contractor will be using a sand roadbase during the construction.

Reduces the Required Thickness for Concrete

When it comes to constructing an access road for your property, you want to make sure that the finished product is strong enough to withstand the daily pressure. You also want to control the construction costs where possible. One way to ensure strength and durability while still controlling costs is to include a sand roadbase in the construction. The sand roadbase creates a foundation that reduces the amount of concrete that's needed to obtain the proper thickness.

Protects Against the Occurrence of Cracks

If you're going to have a concrete access road constructed for your private property, you want to avoid as many cracks as possible. Excessive cracks can undermine the structural integrity of your road. Starting the project with a sand roadbase will help protect against the occurrence of cracks. It does that by providing a stable foundation that prevents concrete shifting and sagging.

Now that you're investing in a private access road for your property, make sure the job is done right the first time. Ensure a strong road from the ground up by starting with a sand roadbase. Contact a company like KK Ranch Incorporated for your sand roadbase needs.


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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