Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

An Important Guide To Use When Purchasing Industrial O-Rings

by Joann Freeman

O-rings are important parts used in the industrial sector. They're designed to conjoin two parts, creating a tight seal once placed in the proper position. If you're looking to buy some for your operations, this guide can help you with your selection. 


There are a vast amount of size choices for o-rings today. Some will be much larger than others, and it's important to get the size right so that these rings fit perfectly on your industrial parts. When trying to narrow down size options, think about your specific operations. 

What parts are these o-rings conjoining? It helps to take some dimensions of them using a measuring tape. Once you have the diameter of the parts being fitted, you'll have a much better idea of what size to get. Just make sure you verify these dimensions first so that your rings create a tight seal.


As far as the design options for industrial o-rings, there are predominately two choices. These include vulcanized and non-vulcanized. The former option is ideal if the o-ring is not coming in contact with moving parts. This design is thus perfect for static applications.

However, if there will be moving parts that do come in contact with the o-ring, then a non-vulcanized design is your best bet. It will maintain its structural integrity and still create a tight seal when put under pressure from moving parts. Carefully look at how your parts work to pick the right o-ring design. 


Since industrial o-rings will play a huge part in your operations, it's important that they're of the highest quality. This is often predicated on the manufacturer that you get these o-rings from. There are many options today, but you need to focus on several key factors.

For example, o-ring manufactures with a lot of experience in this industry are ideal to work with. They've had enough time to perfect their o-ring products, ensuring they work perfectly for what you need them for. Reputation is another thing to consider when deciding on an o-ring manufacturer. Choose a manufacturer with a lot of positive reviews from those involved in industrial operations like yourself. 

There are so many important applications of o-rings today, especially in the industrial sector. The next time you need some, be sure to weigh your options heavily and put emphasis on relevant buying factors. Choosing a great set of spliced and vulcanized o-rings that works out perfectly long-term will then be simple. 


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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