Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Silicone Hose Accessories That Reduce Flow And Redirection Issues

by Joann Freeman

Silicone hose is a useful product in that it resists intense pressure and heat while remaining rather flexible. Its only drawbacks are its inability to hold rigid shapes and change hose diameters on its own. This would normally cause flow and redirection issues; however, there are some handy hose accessories that reduce these flow and redirection issues.

Silicone Reducers

Silicone reducers are molded pieces of silicone hose that start as large hose connections and end as smaller hose connections; they look like the top part of a baby bottle, minus the rounded nipple. They are best used for situations in which you are attempting to connect large-diameter silicone hoses or large pipes to smaller-diameter silicone hoses, pipes, or input/output openings.

Silicone Hump Hose

Hump hose is a bit of a misnomer -- the "hump" is not what you might imagine or expect. Instead, the "hump" is an enlarged ridge in the middle of a small piece of hose. This accessory is open on both ends so that you can connect two longer lengths of hose to each other.

The "hump" creates a buffer for the two longer pieces of hose while providing an area on both sides of the "hump" where you can use steel T-bolt clamps to secure and hold the hoses together. Using a hump hose connection helps you connect hose lengths that would otherwise be too short on their own for what you expect or require the hoses to do.

Silicone Elbow Hose

Just like elbow pipes in plumbing, these hoses are bent like elbows. You can buy either ninety-degree or forty-five-degree elbow bends, depending on what you are attempting to fit the hose around and what you are trying to make flow in an atypical direction. Additionally, you can purchase elbow hoses with reducing ends already built into them, which is a very helpful solution that does not require additional reducing hose sections.

Various Sizes and Features

Regardless of your intentions for your silicone hose, you will be pleased to know that all of the above accessories come in a wide variety of sizes/diameters. You can also buy hoses that are color-coded: red for hot or dangerous liquids, and blue for cold or safe fluids. You may also wish to consider silicone hose that is specially designed to withstand high heat, or silicone hose that helps create the perfect vacuum (a plus if you have lulls in the hose lines and need extra suction to move fluids along).


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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