Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Suggestions For Scaffolding System Work

by Joann Freeman

Creating and safely working on multi-story buildings is now possible in part due to scaffolds and scaffolding systems. These structures act as a base for workers as they tinker, paint, hammer and otherwise work with wood, brick, and other substances. However, if your company has just begun to use these systems, you may feel an eagerness to ensure that you and others are doing what's best to ensure efficient work and reduce injury possibilities. Consider these scaffolding suggestions.

Get Appropriate Equipment

The wrong scaffolding equipment could not only prove cumbersome and irritating to use but could indeed jeopardize your workers. For instance, aluminum scaffolding is most appropriate for a few workers using lightweight materials. However, it may simply not be strong enough to bear the weight of an entire work team and heavy metal equipment or bricks. It is important to understand how much weight every type of scaffolding system will handle. 

Weight isn't the only consideration, of course. While aluminum isn't quite right for too many pounds, if you're only using one or two workers and plan to purchase your scaffolding to save costs over time, aluminum is easy to transport, assemble and get into action.

Prep the Site

Even if, at first, your work site seems flat enough, it's vital that you do prep the space to avoid any possible scaffolding trouble. For example, even something as simple as mowing the lawn or clearing out the garbage can make setting up much easier. Of particular attention ought to be power and telephones which could hang over the heads of anyone standing on your scaffolding system. That is perilous for them and could be inconvenient for those counting on the lines to deliver whatever services. Your scaffold positions might need to be adjusted.

Train for Safety

Perhaps the most vital part of scaffolding system work is to keep workers as safe as reasonably allowed. In great part, this depends on knowing that they have been trained to work with such systems. Because you cannot be sure that they learned this information from previous employers, make sure you discuss how to walk and behave while on the scaffolds. Describe the protection gear required to stand on the scaffolds. Monitor workers to ensure compliance.

Scaffolds are essential for many types of construction, painting and other contractor work. With these details, these systems can work well and remain safe for your workers and allow your work to get done. To learn more, contact a company like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co.


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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