Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Planning Pointers For Your New Storeroom Racking System

by Joann Freeman

If you're getting more and more inventory in your back storeroom and plan to start using a racking system which uses both the floor and vertical space, it might seem fairly easy to do. However, without clear planning and prep work, you'll find that the racks may make things tougher for everyone working in the retail store. These planning pointers are helpful.

Consider a Teardrop Racking System

In the retail store, you may have inherited shelving with a teardrop design. If not, this is a great system to consider. This kind of system allows you to easily add and remove shelves as you need them; you can also adjust the height of each shelf. This can prove tremendously helpful in the storeroom. Your workers may need to have the racks adjusted to certain heights so they can comfortably reach the items they're looking for. In addition, as you bring more inventory into the storeroom, perhaps for the holidays, you can add as many racks as you need and remove them when the season or need is over.

Remember Weight Limits

Because a teardrop system offers so many possibilities, you might feel safe placing as many items as your heart desires on each of the racks, no matter how many or how few items you've got. However, it's important that everyone understands what the weight limits are for the system's racks. Ignoring these limits  could jeopardize the stability of the entire system.

Get Feedback About System Layout

If you plan to start with a racking system up against the wall, depending on the size of your storeroom you might want to put some racks in the interior of the space too. Before doing this, have a brief conversation with the employees who most use the space. You must be certain that people won't be constantly stepping over each other and that there will be enough space to safely access items no matter where in the storeroom they're located. Ask for feedback and take their comments seriously.

Consider Equipment

Just as you work with employees to make the racking system work for them, you should also consider hand trucks and other equipment you use to move boxes around in the storeroom. Will they be able to move easily through the storeroom if you place racks in different places? Ensure there's a plan to move boxes easily.

Before looking at new teardrop racking systems for sale, task yourself with utilizing these planning suggestions. Chat with peers, racking system retailers, and employees to make the best decisions for your needs.


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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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