Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

All Aboard The Garbage Train! How To Link Dumpster Rentals To Roll Together

by Joann Freeman

When you have need of several dumpster rentals, but you also need them to move together around an area, you can do a couple of different things with the dumpsters. Choosing to do one of the following will help you move the dumpsters quicker and easier than moving them one by one. With some of these options, you may need some extra help, but it is worth it to get the dumpsters to roll to another location together.

Cables to Connect

Just like train box cars, you need cables to connect the dumpster "cars." Many smaller rental dumpsters have side bars for manual movement. If you use either bungee cables or rigid cables, you can connect the dumpsters via these side bars.

  1. Line the dumpsters up in a row, then wrap and connect the cables around the side bars. One pair of cables to connect each pair of side bars is sufficient.
  2. Loop the cables around and through the side bars, hooking the clips over the bars or to each other. One cable should be at each end of each pair of side bars.
  3. Repeat this until all of your dumpsters are linked and you have a nice little garbage train.

Now you can grab a remaining side bar on either end of your dumpster "train and pull the lot to the location you want the dumpsters to go.

Load and Unload Dumpster Rentals on a Flatbed

If you can, and if the dumpster rental company allows it, roll your dumpsters onto a flatbed truck. Depending on how you load them, you may be able to get three or four dumpsters in a row onto the flatbed's trailer. Secure them with ratcheting straps and drive them to the next location if it is too far to pull the dumpsters via the manual train idea previously mentioned.

Use a Roll-off Dumpster Rental to Haul Small Dumpsters, Then Separate

Dumpster trains become nesting dumpster trains when you roll a few small dumpsters inside a roll-off dumpster rental. The roll-off is quite a bit larger than its smaller counterparts, and makes for a nice transport if you have to roll your smaller dumpsters much, much farther away than just around the block or down the street. Linking the smaller ones before you put them inside the larger one also helps them stay together and not roll out and away via the force of inertia.

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Correcting Issues With Industrial Equipment

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